SUTD Chinese Orchestra


Our Events in 2020 (so far!)

23rd and 25th November: SUTDCO-Percussion at Singapore Chinese Music Competititon (SCMC) 2020

6 of our percussionists who represented SUTDCO-Percussion had recently participated in the ensemble category of the Singapore Chinese Music Competition 2020 organised by Singapore Chinese Orchestra. We are pleased to share that our team was one of the 4 groups to progress into finals! Although our team fell short of a podium finish at the end, we are proud that they had made it this far - they barely had 2 months to prepare when fifth rows were only allowed to resume with the new semester. Many congratulations to Jianhui, Xiangyuan, Kewen, Wenling, Jing Wen and Phyllis for pulling it off in such a relatively short span of time! ⁣

Also, we would like to thank:⁣
(1) everyone who gave your utmost support during the livestream, ⁣
(2) our instructor Mr Benjamin Boo for tirelessly guiding us throughout our journey, and ⁣
(3) Reverberance who had given us lots of support in many ways!⁣ ⁣

Lastly, hearty congratulations to our amazing competitors - Reverberance, Xin Sizhu Ensemble, and The Purple Symphony, for their achievements! It was our honour to be part of the competition with them, and we enjoyed their performances from the backstage as well. ⁣

Representatives of SUTDCO-Percussion:⁣
Loh Jing Wen (ESD Term 6)⁣
Shang Xiangyuan (ISTD Term 4)⁣
Tan Jianhui (ISTD Term 4)⁣
Tan Kewen (ISTD Term 4)⁣
Wai Xin Ling Phyllis (ESD Term 6)⁣
Yu Wenling (ESD Term 6)⁣

17th September: Bubblegum K.K. (Animal Crossing) Cover by SUTDCO

Though Circuit Breaker forced everyone to be cooped up at home, that didn't mean we were going to stand around! Check out our cover of K.K. Bubblegum from Animal Crossing that we recorded from home over the summer!

14th February: Guest-playing with Reverberance Percussion Ensemble at Esplanade

SUTDCO Percussion supported Reverberance's own Percussion Section at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in a performance featuring a variety of traditional Chinese Percussion classics. Link:

5th February: Lunchtime Performance Feb 2020

SUTDCO performed 4 pieces: Feng Shou Luo Gu (丰收锣鼓), Festive Gongs and Drums (喜庆锣鼓), Ying Chun Jie Fu (迎春接福), and Jin She Kuang Wu (金蛇狂舞) for the SUTD community in conjunction with the Chinese New Year period. Check out our performances here!

Our Events in 2019

17th November: Impressions II Concert

On 17th of November 2019, SUTDCO hosted its 2nd ever concert, Impressions II, with a repertoire consisting of tracks from cult classic video game Shenmue (莎木) to melodious pieces composed by multi-talented local composer Wang Chenwei (Winds of Affinity 笛缘, Song of the Sisters’ Islands 姐妹岛诵). Notably, the piece Nostalgia of Time, First Movement “Remembrance” (忆念之记忆犹新), was composed by our founding president, Andy, in commemoration of SUTD's 10th Anniversary and his own memories as a student.

23rd October: GALA at Shangri-La Hotel

SUTDCO was invited to perform at a gala dinner for all donors of SUTD in celebration of our school's 10th Anniversary. We performed 2 pieces: Festive Gongs and Drums (喜庆锣鼓) and Sai Ma (赛马).

15th May: Matriculation Day - Fifth Row Showcase

As part of the 2019 Freshman Orientation Programme, SUTDCO Percussion presented two separate renditions of A Well-Matched Fight (龙腾虎跃) to the incoming freshmen.

23rd and 24th February: Open House & Night Fiesta

SUTDCO participated in SUTD's Open House and the first-ever Night Fiesta, in what was a fun-filled and unforgettable experience.

Our Events in 2018

10th November: Impressions Concert

10th of November 2018 marked a landmark occasion in SUTDCO's history: the first ever concert performed by our club. Titled 'Impressions', the concert repertoire featured a mixed genre of traditional and pop pieces, such as Reminiscence (忆), Dance of the Yao Tribe (瑶族舞曲), a medley from Scarlet Heart Ryeo (步步惊心丽 组曲), and themes from Studio Ghibli films Ponyo and My Neighbour Totoro (波儿、龙猫).

14th September: Donor Appreciation Event

A total of 3 pieces: Tian Mi Mi (甜蜜蜜), Rhythm of the Rain, and Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (月亮代表我的心), were played for SUTD's esteemed donors by our Club at the Traditional Chinese House.

5th June: Singapore Business Federation Appreciation Dinner Performance at Trade Association Hub

SUTDCO is grateful to have been invited to perform at an appreciation dinner event for the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), in front of an audience totalling approximately 300.

9th May: Matriculation Day 2018

In what is quickly becoming SUTDCO Percussion's favourite go-to piece, Festive Gongs and Drums (喜庆锣鼓) was once again played for the incoming batch of freshmen during the Fifth Row Showcase on Matriculation Day.

21st March: Lunchtime Performance Mar 2018

It was a special Lunchtime Performance to remember as SUTDCO, SUTD Chamber Ensemble, and SUTD Wind Ensemble collaborated to bring this performance to the wider SUTD community. The pieces we performed were The Final Countdown and Bambusa in the Moonlight (月光下的凤尾竹).

3rd and 4th March: SUTD Open House 2018

SUTD hosted its annual Open House and SUTDCO presented 2 exuberant pieces: Festive Gongs and Drums (喜庆锣鼓) and Lion, together with our own showcase exhibit.

23rd and 24th February: Chingay 2018

SUTDCO Percussion is proud to have performed with Reverberance at the closing ceremony for Chingay 2018. A truly unique experience!

9th January: Donor Appreciation Event (YZ Foundation)

SUTDCO was honoured to be able to perform at SUTD's Traditional Chinese Houses as part of an appreciation event for SUTD's donors. 2 pieces were performed: Han Tian Lei (旱天雷) and Sai Ma (赛马).

Our Events in 2017

15th October: Opening of Upper Changi (DTL) MRT Station

SUTDCO was honoured to have the opportunity to perform Festive Gongs and Drums (喜庆锣鼓) for the opening of Upper Changi MRT Station, which is situated right beside our campus.

27th September: Lunchtime Performance Sept 2017

SUTDCO performed 2 pieces, Liang Liang (凉凉) and Encounter, at SUTD's campus center as part of SUTD's Lunchtime Performance series. The Lunchtime Performance series is an hour-long programme held regularly for the performing arts clubs in SUTD to have a platform to showcase the fruits of their practice for the SUTD community.